Innovation and development strategies

The innovative development program of AEM-Technologies is aimed at achieving the Company leadership in heavy power engineering industry, the production of safe and reliable high-quality products, in demand by many countries of the world. 

The Company conducts active research and development activities, studies promising areas and implements unique solutions for the domestic and global market. The development of innovative potential through internal competencies and technologies, as well as cooperation with scientific organizations and universities, allows to successfully develop new markets.

Strategic directions

Small Reactors
Small nuclear power plants (SNPPs) - a modern solution both for icebreaker fleet and for supplying consumers in areas remote from the central power grid with clean and stable electricity
Hydrogen Power Engineering
AEM-Technologies is working on a nuclear power engineering plant (NPEP) project with a high-temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR) and a steam methane reformation unit, which points the way to large-scale environmentally friendly hydrogen production. Among the advantages of HTGR are: generation capability of high-grade heat transferred into the process, modular reactor design, and high safety and maneuverability.
Fast Neutron Reactors
Multipurpose Research Fast-Neutron Reactor (MBIR) is the most powerful research reactor in the world. It will be used to perform mass reactor tests of innovative materials and mock-ups of core elements for Generation 4 nuclear energy systems.
Decarbonization, reduction of carbon footprint
The development of "green" carbon-free energy is aimed at reducing the amount of anthropogenic CO2 emissions. To ensure minimization of carbon footprint it is necessary to develop CCUS (Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage) technology. AEM-Technologies, JSC makes plans to develop carbon dioxide processing and utilization technologies.


Hydrogen storage systems
Key areas of focus in R&D: stationary storage of hydrogen at hydrogen filling stations, water reservoirs, hydrogen production plants; safe battery storage of hydrogen in vehicles.
Carbon dioxide recycling and utilization
In the light of development of decarbonization and carbon neutrality direction that is topical nowadays, AEM-Technologies is working on production development of complex systems of CO2 capture , utilization and storage. The uniqueness of the developed CCS (carbon dioxide station) is in the combined use of different process lines and the possibility of adaptation of the technology to the Customer requirements - by concentration level and the amount of captured CO2.
Hydrogen production using Steam Methane Reforming Technology
The main advantages of the developed technology are the use of heat from HTGR (high-temperature gas-cooled reactor) in steam methane reformation reaction - carbon dioxide capture, obtaining "blue" hydrogen - a high level of safety