Anti-corruption policy

To obtain promptly information on possible abuses and violations in management and production activities that could cause economic damage, as well as on facts of theft and pilferage and preconditions for incidents associated with explosion and fire hazards, the Security Directorate has arranged a channel, the Hot Line for official and anonymous messages in the AEM-Technologies business units. 

The Hot Line should only be used to transfer information on:

  • possible abuses and major violations in management and production activities that could cause economic damage;
  • violations and abuses in procurement and tender activities;
  • facts of pilferage and theft of corporate property;
  • troubles at explosive and fire hazardous facilities that could lead to incidents with severe consequences;
  • troubles during operation of the main process equipment and load-lifting devices that could lead to fatal accidents;
  • other facts that, in your opinion, require taking the steps by the Security Service.

When contacting through the Hot Line channels, preferably use a specific format for your message, ensuring efficient processing of incoming information:

  • Specify the business area in which the violation or trouble occurred;
  • Describe the violation or trouble content and the facts you know;
  • Indicate the business unit where the violation or trouble occurred and names of persons involved;
  • Provide your name and contacts for feedback (optional).

Please note that the Hot Line should not be used:

  • for spreading information that is knowingly false and offending the honour and dignity of employees;
  • from molester motives;
  • for settlement of old scores.

Hot Line in St. Petersburg (Kolpino)


Tel: 8 (812) 331-93-31 ext. 48-47

Hot Line in Volgodonsk


Tel: 8 (8639) 29-29-29 ext. 22-70

Fax: 8 (8639) 29-22-20

Hot Line in Petrozavodsk


Tel: 8 (8142) 71-65-00 ext. 35-40

Tel: 8 (8142) 71-65-40



The above communication channels are limited exclusively to the Assets Security Department.

We guarantee independence of consideration of any message as well as non-disclosure of the message source.

You may contact anonymously.

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