AEM-Technologies, JSC includes four factories. The process equipment of manufacturing facilities allows to produce metallurgical blanks, large-sized tanks and vessels, metal structures for nuclear industry, heat power industry and petrochemical industry.
The manufacturing sites of AEM-Technologies offer potential to carry out the full production cycle: from steel melting and production of metallurgical blanks to the manufacture of technically complex finished items.
Well-established logistics and own developed infrastructure allow to supply equipment to anywhere in the world.


Nuclear reactors


Total shipped in the last 5 years


Petrozavodskmash - the largest machine-building enterprise of the Republic of Karelia was founded in 1960 and was the leading Soviet and Russian Manufacturer of high-technology equipment for the Pulp and Paper industry.


Factory foundation

1 300 +

The number of employees

47 ha

Total area

Since 2010, Petrozavodskmash, a manufacturing site of AEM-Technologies has been included in the Mechanical Engineering Division of Rosatom State Corporation. In a short time, Petrozavodskmash mastered the manufacture of a significant part of the NPP nuclear island equipment.

Currently, it specializes in the manufacture of the following equipment for nuclear power plants: reactor coolant pumps, pipe units of the main coolant pipeline, emergency core cooling system accumulators and passive core flooding system accumulators and other equipment.


A large machine-building complex with a 300-year history. One of the oldest industrial enterprises in the country, the key specialization is the manufacture of equipment for nuclear and petrochemical industries.


Works foundation

1 500 +

The number of employees

30,5 ha

Total area

The plants began to be built in 1722 by Decree of Peter the Great for the needs of fledgling Russian fleet. Over time, the enterprise has grown to the scale of a production complex.

At present Izhora product range includes equipment for nuclear power industry, petrochemical industry and high-energy physics research. The manufacturing plants of Izhora industrial site operate according to a closed production cycle system.

AEM-Special Steels

The main line of business of the company is the manufacture of metallurgical blanks for nuclear power engineering and other industries from more than 300 steel grades with special properties.


Factory foundation

1 600 +

The number of employees

80 ha

Total area

AEM-Special Steels has been conducting its activities at Izhora industrial site since 2002. The production facility manufactures metallurgical blanks for nuclear, thermal and hydropower, oil and gas and metallurgical industries.

The metallurgists of the plant are unique specialists, the only ones in Russia who are able to produce ingots weighing up to 443 tons. Unique machine tool population and high production experience allow to manufacture and supply metallurgical semi-finished products according to ASTM, JIS, DIN, NFA, BS standards etc.


Volgodonsk production complex is one of the main suppliers of equipment for nuclear power industry, oil / gas industry and heat power industry.


Factory foundation

3 500 +

The number of employees

177,39 ha

Total area

The factory was built on 180 hectares of land for the development of nuclear power industry in the USSR. The key task was the complete production of nuclear power plant equipment. The first production facilities were launched in 1976.

The production of main equipment for nuclear power plants as well as design and manufacturing of petrochemical industry equipment, sets of machine-building structures for cranes of various types and purposes is carried out at modern workshops of the factory.