AEM-Technologies is the largest company in the Mechanical Engineering Division of Rosatom State Corporation. It is one of the leading Russian manufacturers in the field of power engineering and the only fully integrated industrial complex in Russia: from the in-house manufacture of metallurgical blanks to finished high-tech oversized products which can be shipped to anywhere in the world.

The structure of AEM-Technologies includes an engineering center, staffed by experienced designers and process engineers, and four production sites: Izhora, AEM-Special Steels, Atommash and Petrozavodskmash.

15 years

in the market

10 000 +


5 in one year

packages of nuclear island equipment can be shipped from the production sites of the Company.
Russian Manufacturer of equipment for nuclear power industry, petrochemical industry, heat-power engineering and other industrial sectors
AEM-Technologies, JSC provides complete deliveries of domestic equipment for the reactor hall of nuclear power plants in Russia and abroad.

VVER - 1200


The up-to-date model of a water-cooled power reactor surpasses the previous generations in terms of power, safety and reliability. Compared to VVER-1000, the service life of VVER-1200 is doubled.

3 200 MW

Thermal power

1 200 MW

Electric power

100 years

Life cycle


Efficiency (Efficiency factor)

8 power units


13 power units

planned to be built by 2031
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Study, development and implementation of unique engineering solutions aimed at producing affordable energy, caring for the environment and improving people’s quality of life is one of the main vectors for the development of AEM-Technologies, JSC.
Multifunctional Fast Research Reactor MFRR
The creation of a multifunctional fast neutron research reactor is one of the key priorities in the development of Russian nuclear industry. MFRR is a unique development that combines the most modern reactor technologies and is capable of ensuring the country's leadership in the field of nuclear energy. Scope of MFFR use:
• carrying out reactor and post-reactor studies;
• heat and electric-power production;
• development of new technologies for the production of radioisotopes and modified material
Green focus and hydrogen energy
Low-carbon hydrogen production is a big step towards the decarbonization of industry. The company is actively developing a number of projects that will improve the environmental compatibility of the energy industry in the future and make a significant contribution to solving the problems of the climate agenda.
At the present time, AEM Technologies, JSC is working on projects for hydrogen storage and transportation systems.