2021-09-07 12:24:00

Atommash completed key stage in manufacture of bottom of nuclear reactor for Unit 3 of “Akkuyu NPP”

At procuring site, specialists with the help of oxygen-gas cutting performed cutting out of sector. For this, guides were installed inside blanks, along which gas-cutting machine moves along the length of blank. With the help of natural gas and oxygen, torch punches through 300 mm thick metal and performs clean cut. The plant's specialists have improved type of cutter nozzle, and now cutting is 4 times faster: two hours instead of eight.Then blank was sent to thermal furnace for annealing. In furnace, item was held for five hours at temperature of 620 Celsius degree. After inspection measures, blank will be sent to thermal and press section, where pipe will first be unbend, and then bottom of nuclear reactor will be stamped.

2021-09-01 18:39:00

Petrozavodskmash started assembling pump housings for Chinese NPS

The operating procedure was launched in front of Artur Parfenchikov, the Head of the Republic of Karelia, and representatives of Jiangsu Nuclear Power Corporation (JNPC, PRC). “We are confident that through cooperation with our colleagues at the Petrozavodskmash plant, together we will ensure delivery of the high quality equipment within the terms established”, said Chen Qiang, a representative of JNPC. “China is one of our key customers”, said Anatolii Smirnov, Acting Director of Petrozavodskmash. “What best describes our JNPC colleagues, is that they are result-oriented and aimed at fulfillment of the task assigned. A lot can be achieved through such partnership”.

2021-08-31 15:26:00

Atommash has started the shipment of Steam Generators for the "Akkuyu" NPP, Unit No.2

“The first of these four Steam Generators was built 8 months ahead of the initial schedule. The timing of key production operations in the manufacture of the set was halved. This was facilitated by the powerful and intensive development of the company that is now taking place. We have significantly strengthened the production base, introduced digital technologies, continue to improve efficiency and develop personnel. As a result, today we are starting to ship the set for the second unit of the first nuclear power plant in Turkey. In this event, the key fact for us is that this is the "next" shipment.

2021-08-24 17:45:00

Atommash has increased the efficiency of manufacturing the Passive Core Flooding System for the first power unit of the "Akkuyu" NPP (Turkey)

Experts assembled and welded stainless steel shells 60 mm thick. Inside each tank, decks were installed, which are a prefabricated welded structure from a round bar with a diameter of 4 meters and a mass of 495 kg. The decks are designed for the safe movement of service personnel inside the tanks. The final stage in the assembly of the vessels is the welding of the two bottoms with the vessel. Atommash will manufacture the Passive Core Flooding System hydraulic tanks for the Units No.1 and No.3 of the "Akkuyu" NPP under construction.

2021-07-30 15:00:00

A high-ranking delegation from Egypt pays a technical visit to Atommash

The guests got acquainted with the process capabilities of the production site of AEM-technology in Volgodonsk for manufacturing the main equipment for the first nuclear power plant in Egypt - El-Dabaa NPP. During the visit, the specialists visited the production sites for the manufacture of Reactors and Steam Generators - the main equipment of the primary circuit for nuclear power plants. The specialists saw equipment for nuclear power plants in India and China at various stages of manufacturing. At the end of the visit, the Chairman of the Board of the Egyptian Nuclear Power Plants Authority (NPPA) Dr.

2021-07-27 18:57:00

Petrozavodskmash started weld overlaying of steam generator headers for Kudankulam NPP

An anticorrosive overlay is applied to the internal surface of the header. More than 2 tons of welding materials are used during welding and weld overlaying of one item. The weight of a finished header is more than 16 tons. Each manufacturing stage includes quality inspection comprising visual and dimensional inspection, dye-penetrant, ultrasonic and radiographic testing.Petrozavodskmash is planning to ship a set of 8 header bodies for steam generators of the fifth unit of Kudankulam NPP by the end of this year.

2021-07-27 08:52:00

Atommash has assembled a semi-vessel of the new Reactor for the Tianwan NPS

The assembly of the semi-vessel elements of the Reactor was carried out on a vertical assembly test bench. Workers connected two shells of the nozzle area and a flange in a vertical position. Further, the 150-ton assembly was turned into a horizontal position using a rotator and the item was moved to the welding test bench. The upper semi-vessel is now ready for welding two circumferential welds. Atommash has extensive experience in cooperation with Chinese partners. In 2004, the enterprise supplied transport and process equipment for the first units of the Tianwan NPS.