2021-07-27 08:52:00

Atommash has assembled a semi-vessel of the new Reactor for the Tianwan NPS

The assembly of the semi-vessel elements of the Reactor was carried out on a vertical assembly test bench. Workers connected two shells of the nozzle area and a flange in a vertical position. Further, the 150-ton assembly was turned into a horizontal position using a rotator and the item was moved to the welding test bench. The upper semi-vessel is now ready for welding two circumferential welds. Atommash has extensive experience in cooperation with Chinese partners. In 2004, the enterprise supplied transport and process equipment for the first units of the Tianwan NPS.

2021-07-14 13:33:00

ATOMMASH has assembled the semi vessels for Passive Core Flooding System Tank for the first unit of Akkuyu NPP (Turkey)

At the Volgodonsk branch of JSC “AEM-technology” “Atommash” has been assembled 6 semi-vessels of the Passive Core Flooding System tanks  ) for the first unit of Akkuyu NPP  (Turkey). The stainless steel shells of 60 mm thick were assembled into semi-vessels and the circumferential welds were welded. Inside each tank, specialists will install grid decking, which is a prefabricated welded structure of 4 meters diameter and 495 kg mass from a round bar. Grid deckings are placed in the form of a three-level jig for the safe movement of service personnel inside the tanks.

2021-07-09 12:03:00

Atommash has manufactured the first steam generator for the second power unit of Akkuyu NPP

All holes of the steam generator were previously closed with special plugs. Then the primary and secondary circuits were filled with distilled water. The circuits of the steam generator are examined in turn. Specialists supply pressure of 24.5 MPa (243 atmospheres) to the primary circuit zone, while the water temperature is 350 degrees Celsius. The secondary circuit receives pressure of 11.45 MPa (115 atmospheres), while the water is heated to 300 degrees. Both indicators are 1.4 times higher than the operating pressure.

2021-07-01 11:22:00

Petrozavodskmash started cladding of MCP pipes for Kudankulam NPP

An anticorrosive layer is being applied to the internal surface of pipe blanks by electroslag cladding. In total, 33 pipes as well as sets of rings for welding procedure qualification and qualification of welders during the erection, will be cladded for Unit 5 of Kudankulam NPP. Earlier Petrozavodskmash successfully manufactured and shipped such equipment for Units 3&4 of Kudankulam NPP, and later on it will manufacture the MCP for Unit 6 of the mentioned power plant. The Engineering Division of Rosatom State Corporation and the Nuclear Power Corporation of India signed an agreement on the third stage construction (Units 5&6) of Kudankulam NPP.

2021-06-22 17:30:00

Atommash has manufactured a set of Main circulating pipeline bends for Tianwan NPS

Works on manufacturing of MCP bends are carried out in three stages. First, an oval shape is given to the blanks using a press. The second stage is stamping. The parts are being heated up for about two hours at 870 degrees, and then for about an hour at 1080 degrees. Then the press, with a force of 6300 tons, applies pressure on the blank and forms items with an angle of 90 degrees. At the third stage, it is necessary to perform quenching of the completed bends. To do this, hot sharply-curved bends are taken out of the furnace, with the help of a crane they are transported to a quenching tank with water. Operation time shall not exceed 10 minutes. In total, 12 MCP bends will be manufactured.

2021-06-16 14:45:00

The first pump body for Unit 2 of Rooppur NPP is assembled at Petrozavodskmash

Upon completion of assembly and welding operations the item passed heat treatment to relieve residual stresses after welding. Herewith the RCPS body is heated up to temperature exceeding 600 degrees and held for several hours in accordance with guidelines set forth in the process instruction. After every heat treatment condition all welds are inspected by dye-penetrant testing and subjected to ultrasonic testing. After that the RCPS body will be forwarded to machining. Designing and construction of the plant is performed by Engineering Division of Rosatom State Corporation. The company “AEM-technology” manufactures basic equipment of reactor hall for two power units of the plant.

2021-05-25 12:35:00

Atommash has assembled half of the nuclear reactor for Unit 7 of the Tianwan NPS

The specialists first assembled the Bottom, the Core shell, and the flange in a vertical position. The assembly of components with a diameter of 4.5 m is carried out with maximum accuracy. The difference between the blanks is no more than 2 mm. Then the 160-ton structure was turned into a horizontal position using a turnover device and installed on a welding facility for circumferential welds.Welding will be carried out in automatic mode for 17 days with constant heating in the weld zones from 150 to 300 ℃. A total of two circumferential welds will be welded.