2022-01-25 11:10:00

Atommash has performed a check assembly of the Vessel with the Internals of the MBIR research reactor

The Multipurpose Fast Research Reactor (MBIR) will be the most powerful research Reactor in operation, under construction or under design in the world. Its main purpose is to perform mass reactor tests of innovative materials and prototypes of core elements for nuclear power systems of the 4th generation, including fast neutron reactors with fuel cycle closure, as well as thermal reactors of small and medium power. The thermal power of the new reactor will be 150 MW.

2022-01-13 16:19:00

Atommash has started manufacturing equipment for Kudankulam NPP

Within the frames of the contract for the fifth and sixth power units of the Kudankulam NPP, JSC AEM-Technologies will manufacture and supply two nuclear reactors with internals and an upper block of the VVER-1000 type, two sets of steam generators, reactor coolant pump set bodies, main circulation piping, emergency core cooling system tanks, passive core flooding system tanks and two pressurizers. The total weight of the items will be about 6,000 tons.

2021-12-24 15:35:00

Quenching of the Reactor Pressure Vessel bottom for power unit No. 3 of the Akkuyu NPP has carried out at Atommash

At the final stage, the item was heated in the underground oven at a maximum temperature of 910°C for nine hours. Next, the heat-treatment operators, using a crane, placed the hot blank into a caisson with water. The bottom was in the quenching tank for an hour and a half. To obtain the required mechanical properties of the metal, the item was relocated to a furnace for thermal tempering, which is carried out at 700 ° C for about 40 hours. The design and construction of the object is carried out by the Engineering Division of the State Corporation “Rosatom”.

2021-12-20 10:00:00

Atommash has celebrated its 45th anniversary

As the General Director of AEM-Technologies JSC Igor Kotov noted, “in the history of the plant, as in the history of the whole country, there were different times, but today's generation of Atommash workers really achieved a lot. A long way was covered, production records were achieved that just recently seemed unattainable. The plant has passed all the tests and went to the world level, became the real pride of the industry and the country." At the site of the plant, ceremonial events dedicated to the anniversary of the plant were held: a meeting of the management with the team, rewarding the best workers of the plant, a lottery among employees, an on-line and concert program.

2021-12-06 12:35:00

Atommash has shipped equipment for Akkuyu NPP, Unit no.1

Atommash, AEM-Technologies, JSC Branch in Volgodonsk has shipped the Upper unit including the Reactor cover with nozzles, metal structures and CPS (control and protection system) drives for AKKUYU NPP, Unit No.1. The main stages of manufacturing are witnessed by the Nuclear Regulatory Agency in the Republic of Turkey.

2021-12-03 13:20:00

Petrozavodskmash performed check fit-up of pump housing for Rooppur NPP

At all manufacturing stages the RCPS housings are subject to various types of inspection, including dye-penetrant test, ultrasonic test, radiographic test etc. The check fit-up is one of final test operations. The check point is witnessed by the representatives of the authorized organization JSC “VO Safety” and the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC). The company “AEM-Technologies” manufactures basic equipment of reactor hall for two power units of the plant.

2021-12-03 11:00:00

Atommash has started welding the upper semi-vessel of the Reactor for Unit No.5 of “Kudankulam” NPP

After vertical assembly of two shells and flange, the 170-tonne upper semi-vessel was moved by crane to the turner and then to the welding station, where specialists started welding of two circumferential welds. Then the semi-vessel is transferred to a heat treatment furnace to obtain the required mechanical properties of the metal. Specialists will carry out a number of necessary inspections of welded joints after heat treatment. The semi-vessel will then be prepared for internal corrosion-resistant overlaying in the welded areas.