"AEM-technology" - one of the leading Russian companies in the field of power engineering.

"AEM-technology" - one of the leading Russian companies in the field of power engineering.

Technology "Atom" features allow you to produce up to four sets of the body of equipment for nuclear power plants each year.

The experience of our employees and the successful implementation of complex projects in the field of manufacturing nuclear power equipment allow us to guarantee the perfect quality of products to the customer.

Own engineering provides an integrated approach in the development of optimal solutions throughout the production chain.

The unique combination of casting, machining and assembly-welding production on the same production site "Petrozavodskmash".

2020-10-16 10:31:00

The Ambassador of Bangladesh to the Russian Federation visited Petrozavodskmash

During a visit to the shops the guests were able to get familiar with nuclear machine-building technology, witnessed the equipment manufacturing process, including the equipment manufactured for Rooppur NPP, namely: cladding of pipe blanks for main coolant pipeline, machining of pressurizer parts, manufacturing of reactor coolant pump spherical housings. “The main purpose of our visit was to see the process of manufacturing equipment for our nuclear plant at this factory, – the Ambassador Kamrul Ahsan said. – We have been able to see sophisticated and high precision equipment and therefore we do not worry about quality and safety of items manufactured here”.

2020-10-12 14:56:00

Petrozavodskmash has shipped first pump housing for Rooppur NPP

The items will be shipped from Petrozavodsk to the sea port of Saint-Petersburg by road, to be then taken aboard. The cargo will be delivered by sea to the port of Mongla in Bangladesh. Further, the equipment will be transferred to a river vessel and shipped up the Padma River to a river terminal located at the Rooppur NPP construction site.

2020-10-01 17:57:00

“Atommash” has shipped the set of equipment for ROOPPUR NPP

The last of the four Steam Generators was transported from the plant to the special birth, where three items with the total weight of more than 1000 tons, will be loaded onto a barge. The equipment will be transferred to Novorossiysk, then the item will be transported to the Republic of Bangladesh by sea. The sea route will be about 14 000 km. Thus, the main equipment of the Reactor facility for Unit No.

2020-09-25 14:09:00

Atommash has shipped the first Reactor Pressure Vessel for the first nuclear power plant under construction in the Republic of Turkey

The Atommash plant manufactured and shipped the Reactor Pressure Vessel for the first power unit of the "Akkuyu" nuclear power plant under construction. It took almost three years to manufacture the 330-ton Reactor pressure Vessel 12 meters long. A month earlier, four Steam Generators left the plant for the construction site of the "Akkuyu" NPP - the first nuclear power plant in Turkey.

2020-09-11 10:02:00

The RCP housing for Rooppur NPP passed hydraulic tests at Petrozavodskmash

Petrozavodsk Branch of JSC “AEM-technology” has successfully completed hydraulic tests of the first Reactor Coolant Pump (RCP) housing from the set of reactor coolant pumps housings intended for the first power unit of nuclear power plant Rooppur (the People's Republic of Bangladesh).Upon the pressure reduction, the visual inspection of the RCP housing is to be performed.

2020-09-08 16:39:00

Check assembly of the reactor for the first power unit of Akkuyu NPP has been started at Atommash

Check assembly is a key operation during which assemblability of all manufactured internals and the reactor cover with the reactor vessel is checked.In the future, the check assembly will significantly reduce the time required for the installation of the reactor with internals at the site of the NPP under construction.

2020-08-22 12:00:00

Shipment of steam generators for the first Akkuyu NPP in the history of Turkey has started in Volgodonsk

At the Atommash plant in Volgodonsk (part of Rosatom machine-building division – JSC “Atomenergomash”), steam generators were shipped for power unit No. 1 of the Akkuyu NPP (Turkey). In the coming days, four steam generators weighing 355 tons each will go on long voyages. Governor of the Rostov Region Vasily Golubev: “The Atommash workers have made a worthy gift today for the 75th anniversary of the country's nuclear industry."


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