"AEM-technology" - one of the leading Russian companies in the field of power engineering.

"AEM-technology" - one of the leading Russian companies in the field of power engineering.

Technology "Atom" features allow you to produce up to four sets of the body of equipment for nuclear power plants each year.

The experience of our employees and the successful implementation of complex projects in the field of manufacturing nuclear power equipment allow us to guarantee the perfect quality of products to the customer.

Own engineering provides an integrated approach in the development of optimal solutions throughout the production chain.

The unique combination of casting, machining and assembly-welding production on the same production site "Petrozavodskmash".

2021-01-18 17:04:00

Atommash has shipped nuclear equipment to Bangladesh

The Volgodonsk Branch of JSC "AEM-technology" manufactured and shipped the internals of the nuclear reactor for the first power unit of the "Rooppur" NPP under construction in the Republic of Bangladesh. From the site of the Volgodonsk branch of "AEM-technology", the equipment was shipped by road to the port in Novorossiysk, and then the items will be shipped by water to the nuclear power plant in the Republic of Bangladesh. The waterway will be about 14,000 km.

2021-01-15 10:57:00

Rosatom entered upon manufacture of reactor coolant pipeline for Tianwan NPS, Unit 7

Petrozavodsk Branch of JSC “AEM-technology” entered upon manufacture of reactor coolant pipeline (RCP) for Tianwan NPS, Unit 7 (People's Republic of China). The RCP manufactured for Tianwan NPS is the first project of Petrozavodskmash related to supply of nuclear equipment to China. Apart from the items intended for Unit 7, the factory is going to manufacture the equipment for Unit 8 of Tianwan NPS, as well as for Units 3 and 4 of Xudapu NPS.

2020-12-29 11:44:00

Petrozavodskmash completed overlaying of pipe blanks for Akkuyu NPP

The plant was the first in Russia to embrace the manufacturing process of seamless clad pipes for nuclear power plants. The operation has been completed for all the pipe forgings constituting reactor coolant pipeline of the power unit. Petrozavodskmash manufactures equipment for four power units of Akkuyu NPP. The plant manufactures reactor coolant pump housings and pressurizer for unit No. 2.

2020-12-23 16:33:00

Atommash connected two semi-vessels of a nuclear reactor for the second unit of NPP "Rooppur"

This is a key stage in the manufacture of the reactor pressure vessel for the first Unit of the "Rooppur" NPP in Bangladesh. The operation lasted for 10 days with continuous heating of the weld zone - from 150 to 300 degrees. After welding, the reactor pressure vessel weighing 320 tons is heated to 300 degrees and using a crane is transferred to the furnace, where the item will be heat treated for two days.

2020-12-14 16:47:00

Petrozavodskmash shipped pump housings for Rooppur NPP

The items are delivered by means of automotive transport to the sea port of Saint-Petersburg for loading aboard ship. During manufacturing of the RCPS housings they are subject to various kinds of inspection, including X-ray inspection. A range of tests is also carried out. The most important of them is the final hydraulic test. “AEM-technology” produces main reactor room equipment for two power plant units.

2020-12-04 14:54:23

Petrozavodskmash started to manufacture guide vanes for pumps of the second power unit of Akkuyu NPP

Petrozavodsk Branch of JSC “AEM-Technology” started to manufacture guide vanes for reactor coolant pumps sets (RCPS) intended for power unit No.2 of Akkuyu nuclear power plant (Turkey).

2020-11-26 12:07:00

Atommash has manufactured the reactor cover for the First Unit of Akkuyu NPP (Turkey)

Further, the specialists carried out hydraulic tests confirming the strength and tightness of the base metal and welded joints of the reactor cover. To confirm the alignment of the components, the reactor cover is subjected to check assembly as part of the upper unit. The main steps of the manufacturing have been completed under the supervision of Nuclear Regulatory Authority of Turkey.


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