Technological capabilities Volgodonsk branch

Atommash's welding facilities, comprising gantries, consoles, and manipulators, allow the performnce of automatic submerged arc welding of circumferential seams with preheating and weld overlay for cylindrical products of up to 6,500 mm in diameter, as well as the welding of longitudinal  seams of up to 8,000 mm in length. The thickness of welded components is up to 400 mm. The widely employed electroslag facing under a flux layer allows the time required for carrying out of the facing to be reduced significantly.



Electroslag welding machines perform welds of up to 10 m in length and up to 300 mm in thickness.  A unique self-engineered electroslag welding machine makes it possible to weld heavy gauge spherical heads. A hot pressing bay that is part of the production facilities has been equipped with plate-straightening and plate-bending machines. A three-roll SCHIESS plate-bending machine with the top roll of 1800 mm in diameter enables the bending of plate stock that is up to 4500 mm wide and up to 350 mm in thickness.


The only single hydraulic dual-purpose sheet-stamping press available in Russia, with a maximum single-acting force of up to 15120 tf, allows stamping of head that is up to 5000 mm in diameter and plates of up to 380 mm in thickness. Heat treatment facilities, ensuring the quenching and tempering of large parts, comprise batch-type gas furnaces, including shaft furnaces, and a hardening facility.


The well-developed transport infrastructure at the locations of the subsidiaries in Volgodonsk and Petrozavodsk is an important competitive advantage of AEM-technology. Finished products can be shipped elsewhere by road, rail, or water-borne transport. The availability of their own mooring berths equipped with heavy-duty cranes makes it possible to effect deliveries of ready-assembled equipment, unique in terms of their size and weight, by water to anywhere in the world.

The specialty mooring berth owned by the subsidiary in Volgodonsk is able to accommodate  river-marine vessels of up to 5000 t. The dock-type mooring berth that has a concrete vessel call chamber measuring 70 m in length and 18 m in width is equipped with two travelling bridge cranes of 1350 t total load capacity.