Technological capabilities of Petrozavodsk branch

The large-scale upgrade that took place in 2012 to 2014 allowed the factory to be retrofitted with up-to-date, high-precision machining centres, automatic welding and weld overlay machines, blank production, sheet/plate bending and heat treatment facilities, as well as machines and benches for testing and quality control purposes.


The design and dimensions of the shop aisles and metal-cutting machine fleet ensure the machining of box-shaped pieces of up to 6 m in height, up to 15 m in length, and up to 250 t in weight as well as the machining of bodies of rotation up to 10 m in diameter, up to 6 m in height, and up to 200 t in weight. The manufacturing facilities available in the fit-up and welding shops allow the manufacture of large metal structures, tanks and vessels of up to 100 m in length, up to 8 m in diameter, and up to 600 t in weight. 

The foundry is a leading supplier of large-size iron castings for the machine-building industry in Russia and Europe. In addition, sophisticated castings are manufactured with surfaces machined, such as gearbox casings for the mining machinery, rotary tables for machines, turbine components, and the like. The resulting workmanship of the castings has enabled the mastering of batch production of high-capacity cask bodies in ductile cast-iron for the storage of spent nuclear fuel from nuclear reactors.


The well-developed transport infrastructure at the locations of the subsidiaries in Volgodonsk and Petrozavodsk is an important competitive advantage of AEM-technology. Finished products can be shipped elsewhere by road, rail, or water-borne transport. The availability of their own mooring berths equipped with heavy-duty cranes makes it possible to effect deliveries of ready-assembled equipment, unique in terms of their size and weight, by water to anywhere in the world.

The loading berth owned by the subsidiary in Petrozavodsk is located on the shore of Lake Onega. The mooring area is 126 m long and 18 m wide. The loading dock is furnished with two overhead travelling cranes of 320 t total load capacity. The products are shipped by river-marine vessels.