Equipment for oil and gas industry

Our equipment runs at the largest enterprises of Russia and other countries.

We actively cooperate with a number of world-leading manufacturers of the petrochemical equipment and have a long-term experience in joint deliveries.
Unique production possibilities enable us to make the equipment, practically, in all existing sizes and in all materials from carbon, stainless and clad steel to non-ferrous metals and titanic alloys.

Column apparatus

We offer columns of all sizes. Fully assembled large-size apparatus are shipped from the company cargo berth by river–sea class boats to any port of the world.

  • fractionating columns
  • packed columns
  • distillation columns
  • condensate purification column apparatus
  • hydrogen peroxide column apparatus
  • absorbers, extractors, strippings etc.

Separation equipment

We offer gas and oil separators and flare knock-out drums measuring up to Ø 5,0 x 21,0 m and weighing up to 150 t.

  • gas and oil separators
  • flare knock-out drums

Heat exchange equipment

We offer top quality heat exchangers. Both complete exchangers and  tube bundles can be delivered.

  • shell-and tube heat exchangers of various types, reboilers, boilers
  • dryer drums, rotary tube furnaces, coils


We offer both pressure (up to 16 MPa) and pressure free vessels.

  • pressure free bulk vessels 50 – 4000 m3
  • pressure (up to 16 MPa) vessels up to 1000 m3

«AEM-technology» has shipped a vacuum column to Omsk NPZ (518t, 52m x 11m)