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    2020-11-26 12:07:00

    Atommash has manufactured the reactor cover for the First Unit of Akkuyu NPP (Turkey)

    Further, the specialists carried out hydraulic tests confirming the strength and tightness of the base metal and welded joints of the reactor cover. To confirm the alignment of the components, the reactor cover is subjected to check assembly as part of the upper unit. The main steps of the manufacturing have been completed under the supervision of Nuclear Regulatory Authority of Turkey.

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    2020-11-23 15:55:00

    Equipment of first Reactor Vessel for Rooppur NPP manufactured at Atommash

    Check pre-assembly was previously carried out for all the internals’ components with the standard Reactor Vessel. In the future, it will allow reducing the time for the assembly of the equipment under conditions of the power plant. In total, the Enterprise will manufacture two Reactors for two Units of Rooppur NPP, including internals and Upper unit with Reactor cover and eight Steam Generators. AEM-technology will manufacture Reactors and sets of Steam Generators for two power units of the Power Plant.

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    2020-11-23 13:23:00

    Petrozavodskmash accomplished hydraulic tests of pump housings for Rooppur NPP

    Hydraulic testing is one of the most important types of inspection to be carried out during manufacture of the pump housings.After that, the RCPS housing is to be subjected to the repeated liquid penetrant testing, following which the item is to be prepared for shipment to the Customer.The company “AEM-technology” manufactures basic equipment of the reactor hall for two power units of NPP.

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    2020-11-19 15:25:00

    Rosatom Held a 3D Tour of Atommash for Saudi Partners

    The event unified over 40 executives and managers of leading manufacturing companies of Saudi Arabia, including Zamil Process Equipment, Al Zamil Heavy Industries, Bilfal Heavy Industries, Bemco Steel Industries, etc. The participants were familiarized with the unique process capabilities of the leading enterprise of the Russian nuclear engineering industry, saw the thermal press section, machining of the reactor vessel blanks and welding of its main components, heat treatment, radiographic and hydraulic testing, assembly of the reactor vessel. The equipment being manufactured at the enterprise is intended for Rooppur NPP, Akkuyu NPP, Tianwan NPP and Kursk NPP.

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    2020-11-17 18:09:00

    The President of the Council for Nuclear Safety of Turkey has paid a technical visit to “Atommash”

    The representatives of the Council got acquainted with the process of manufacturing the main equipment for the first NPP in Turkey, AKKUYU NPP, and had a meeting on the current stage of manufacturing and delivery of the equipment to the construction site. Zafer Demircan says, “AEM-technology” has a good experience in manufacturing the Primary circuit equipment for NPPs and today we can see again that all the equipment is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the technical documents, and the professional observe all the requirements during the production. We hope, that in future both sides will do their best to increase the cooperation of our countries”.

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    2020-11-13 11:57:00

    Petrozavodskmash shipped the first equipment set for Turkish Akkuyu NPP

    Petrozavodsk Branch of JSC “AEM-Technology” has conducted the first complete shipment of equipment for Akkuyu NPP (Turkey), Power Unit 1. The Director General of AEM-technology – Igor Kotov pointed out that despite all the difficulties Petrozavodskmash managed to ensure shipping of RCPS housings set – complicated nuclear equipment of safety class 1 – within the specified dates. JSC "Atomenergomash" is the single-source manufacturer of equipment for the reactor system and the turbine island for all four units of the plant.

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    2020-11-06 12:21:00

    Pump housings for Akkuyu NPP passed hydraulic tests at Petrozavodskmash

    Hydraulic testing is one of the crucial inspection methods applied to pump housings during manufacture. It allows to confirm strength and tightness of the items. A committee confirmed that all four items passed the tests successfully. After that internal and external surfaces of the housings as well as all circumferential welds have been subjected to a dye-penetrant inspection.

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    2020-10-30 12:01:00

    Atommash has performed a key manufacturing stage of a set of Steam Generators for Unit No.2 of the “Rooppur” NPP

    Atommash completed the installation of a set of Steam Generators for the Unit No.2 of the "Rooppur" NPP. Within 21 days, specialists installed 11 thousand coils inside each item. It had to be installed 105 horizontal rows. The next stage of manufacture includes welding of the heads. The equipment will be subjected to hydraulic tests and a whole range of control measures, including eddy current test of heat exchange tubes.

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    2020-10-21 16:45:00

    The advantage of Russian technologies was demonstrated to Ambassador Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

    “I visited “Atommash” last February, at that time the Minister of science and technology Yeafesh Osman and I saw blanks of the items. Today the equipment for the first Unit has arrived at Bangladesh, and here at the plant I saw not separate parts of the Steam Generators, but almost completed equipment. The purpose of our interaction is an implementation of all the rules and schedules, which, of course, will strengthen our cooperation and promote the development of the two countries", says Bangladesh Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in the Russian Federation Kamrul Ahsan.

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    2020-10-16 10:31:00

    The Ambassador of Bangladesh to the Russian Federation visited Petrozavodskmash

    During a visit to the shops the guests were able to get familiar with nuclear machine-building technology, witnessed the equipment manufacturing process, including the equipment manufactured for Rooppur NPP, namely: cladding of pipe blanks for main coolant pipeline, machining of pressurizer parts, manufacturing of reactor coolant pump spherical housings. “The main purpose of our visit was to see the process of manufacturing equipment for our nuclear plant at this factory, – the Ambassador Kamrul Ahsan said. – We have been able to see sophisticated and high precision equipment and therefore we do not worry about quality and safety of items manufactured here”.

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    2020-10-12 14:56:00

    Petrozavodskmash has shipped first pump housing for Rooppur NPP

    The items will be shipped from Petrozavodsk to the sea port of Saint-Petersburg by road, to be then taken aboard. The cargo will be delivered by sea to the port of Mongla in Bangladesh. Further, the equipment will be transferred to a river vessel and shipped up the Padma River to a river terminal located at the Rooppur NPP construction site.

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    2020-10-01 17:57:00

    “Atommash” has shipped the set of equipment for ROOPPUR NPP

    The last of the four Steam Generators was transported from the plant to the special birth, where three items with the total weight of more than 1000 tons, will be loaded onto a barge. The equipment will be transferred to Novorossiysk, then the item will be transported to the Republic of Bangladesh by sea. The sea route will be about 14 000 km. Thus, the main equipment of the Reactor facility for Unit No.1 of ROOPPUR NPP, has been shipped from the plant site.

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    2020-09-25 14:09:00

    Atommash has shipped the first Reactor Pressure Vessel for the first nuclear power plant under construction in the Republic of Turkey

    The Atommash plant manufactured and shipped the Reactor Pressure Vessel for the first power unit of the "Akkuyu" nuclear power plant under construction. It took almost three years to manufacture the 330-ton Reactor pressure Vessel 12 meters long. A month earlier, four Steam Generators left the plant for the construction site of the "Akkuyu" NPP - the first nuclear power plant in Turkey. Thus, to date, the company has shipped all the most important large-sized equipment of the primary circuit of the reactor for the "Akkuyu" Unit No. 1. The production facilities of the Atommash plant allow manufacturing up to four sets of equipment per year.

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    2020-09-11 10:02:00

    The RCP housing for Rooppur NPP passed hydraulic tests at Petrozavodskmash

    Petrozavodsk Branch of JSC “AEM-technology” has successfully completed hydraulic tests of the first Reactor Coolant Pump (RCP) housing from the set of reactor coolant pumps housings intended for the first power unit of nuclear power plant Rooppur (the People's Republic of Bangladesh).Upon the pressure reduction, the visual inspection of the RCP housing is to be performed. The commission has confirmed that the first item passed the pressure tests successfully. After that, the outer and inner surfaces of the pump housing, as well as the circumferential weld joints are to be subjected to the repeated liquid penetrant testing.

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    2020-09-08 16:39:00

    Check assembly of the reactor for the first power unit of Akkuyu NPP has been started at Atommash

    Check assembly is a key operation during which assemblability of all manufactured internals and the reactor cover with the reactor vessel is checked.In the future, the check assembly will significantly reduce the time required for the installation of the reactor with internals at the site of the NPP under construction.

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    2020-08-22 12:00:00

    Shipment of steam generators for the first Akkuyu NPP in the history of Turkey has started in Volgodonsk

    At the Atommash plant in Volgodonsk (part of Rosatom machine-building division – JSC “Atomenergomash”), steam generators were shipped for power unit No. 1 of the Akkuyu NPP (Turkey). In the coming days, four steam generators weighing 355 tons each will go on long voyages. Governor of the Rostov Region Vasily Golubev: “The Atommash workers have made a worthy gift today for the 75th anniversary of the country's nuclear industry."

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    2020-08-21 16:46:35

    Petrozavodskmash produced shells for the safety system hydroaccumulators for Akkuyu NPP

    Petrozavodsk Branch of JSC “AEM-Technology” has manufactured cylindrical parts – shells – for assembly of passive core flooding system (PCFS) tanks for Unit 1 of Akkuyu NPP (Turkey).

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    2020-08-20 11:20:00

    Atommash shipped the first reactor for the far abroad

    Atommash manufactured and shipped the reactor vessel and one of four steam generators for the first power unit of the Rooppur NPP under construction in the Republic of Bangladesh. This is the first complete delivery of a reactor facility for non-CIS countries in the history of Atommash. The equipment will be delivered to Novorossiysk by water, then the products will be sent by sea to the Republic of Bangladesh.

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    2020-08-20 09:00:00


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    2020-08-04 17:05:00

    Petrozavodskmash started shipping MCP pipe spools for Kudankulam NPP

    Petrozavodsk Branch of JSC “AEM-technology” has started shipping pipe spools of the main coolant pipeline (MCP) for Kudankulam NPP, Unit 4 (India).