Equipment for nuclear power plants

AEM-technology is the only enterprise in Russia that is able to manufacture the complete set of equipment for the reactor room of a nuclear power plant, including reactor vessels with internals and ready-assembled steam generators. The high quality of the product is ensured through comprehensiveness of the delivery proccess and the carrying out of all types of in-process inspections at the different production stages. The company continues to expand its variety of equipment deliveries to nuclear power plants. The arrangement of a full-scale production of shut-off valves for NPP pipelines is entirely based on the engineering performed by the AEM-technology.

Solutions for the transportation and storage of spent nuclear fuel

AEM-technology offers safe, long-term, efficient solutions for the shipment and dry storage of spent nuclear fuel from nuclear reactors. A technology involving the production of a cask with a body made of ductile cast-iron serves as a basis for such solutions.