The first VVER-1200 nuclear reactor vessel manufactured by Rosatom has rolled off «Atommash» production site

2015-10-20 11:36:00

The power engineering division of State Corporation Rosatom– Atomenergomash JSC finished the manufacturing and shipped to the Customer a reactor vessel for Belarusian NPP. This is the first reactor vessel manufactured at Atommash production site after 30 year break and the first manufactured within State Corporation Rosatom.
Deputy Minister of Energy of Republic of Belarus Mikhail Mikhaduyk, Minister of Industry and Energy of Rostov region Mikhail Tikhonov, Atomenrgomash JSC General director Andrey Nikipelov, AEM Technology JSC Igor Kotov participated in solemn ceremony of shipment.

«The rebirth of Atommash production complex was one of Rosatom’s priorities. Within a very short time equipment was upgraded, personnel trained, new technologies implemented. Several companies of the power engineering division of SC Rosatom – CNIITMASH, Gidropress, ZiO-Podolsk helped in this process. There representatives shared the experience, attended complex production operations. Today’s shipment proved, that the plant completely restored its competences of NPP key equipment manufacturer. The reactor vessel for the first NPP in Belarus has successfully passed all the stages of quality control and is handed over to our partners in full conformity with the set terms», – said Andrey Nikipelov at the ceremony.

It is to be reminded that Atommash was constructed in the 70-th as a large NPP equipment manufacturer. In the post-Soviet period Atommash almost lost its competences in nuclear power industry. In 2012 Atommash became a part of State Corporation Rosatom and then the NPP equipment production rehabilitation program was launched. The manufacture of a reactor plant is a unique competence, which is only available with several countries in the world. Atommash became the only plant in Russia, which produces all the equipment for NPP nuclear island, including reactor vessel, steam generators, etc.

The weight of VVER-1200 reactor vessel exceeds 330 tons, the height is 12 meters, the diameter is 4,5 meters. The transportation to Belarusian NPP is a very complex logistic operation. From the manufacturing plant the reactor vessel will be delivered by a special vehicle to the berth of Tsymlyansk artificial sea in Volgodonsk. From that point it will be delivered to Velikiy Novgorod by river, then to Ostrovets by special railway transport.
Belarusian NPP is the project for NPP construction as per NPP-2006–type, which is implemented at 18 km from Ostrovets (Grodno region, the Republic of Belarus). The design of NPP reactor plant was developed by OKB Gidropress (AEM company), which conducts designer’s supervision and support. The first unit is planned to put into operation in 2018, the second in 2020.
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Atommash plant (currently the branch of AEM-technology Atommash) started to work in 1976. Upon the completion of its construction the plant could produce 8 sets of reactor plant equipment. At the end of the 80-th the plant produced 4 sets of NPP equipment per a year. The first reactor vessel was delivered to Yuzhno-Ukrainskaya NPP. In total there were manufactured 13 reactor vessels and more than 100 units of reactor plant vessel equipment. Atommash also supplied transport and processing equipment and refueling machines for NPPs.

The last reactor vessel was shipped in 1986. Then the scope of new units manufacturing in the USSR and the Russian Federation were reduced and the plant workload abruptly decreased as well. In the90-th and the noughties Atommash almost lost its competencies in nuclear power industry – the portion of industrial orders decreased down to 10%. In 2012 it became a part of the power engineering division of State Corporation Rosatom, then NPP equipment production rehabilitation program was launched at the plant. In process of its implementation modern machinery, new welding equipment with orbital welding control system, eddy current test system for heat exchanging tubes and crossover leg, local heat treatment equipment system, etc. were installed.
The total volume of investment for 3 years made up 2 billion rubles.

For the time being now such nuclear power equipment as reactor plants, steam generators, molten core catchers, main coolant pump bodies, transport and processing equipment for Novovoronezh NPP, Rostov NPP and Belarussian NPP is at the different stages of manufacturing at Atommash. In the nearest future the nuclear island equipment for Akkuyu NPP in Turkey, Hanhikivi NPP in Finland, Kudankulam NPP in India will be produced.

The gain of Atommash in 2015 года is expected to be 6,3 billion rubles against 2,5 billion rubles in 2013.
The growth of orders has a positive influence on social and economical indicators of the company. Since 2012 average staff number increased from 1500 persons to 2500. Average salary became bigger almost by half and today it makes up 36 500 rubles. General tax deductions in the region budget grew from 3,8 million in 2012 up to expecting 104 million in 2015.

VVER 1200 reactor for Belarusian NPP
Belarusian NPP will consist of 2 units of total power up to 2400 (2х1200) MW. NPP 2006 design was selected for its construction. Project implementation period was specified in the general contract, which envisages the putting into commercial operation of Belarusian NPP Unit 1 in November, 2018. Minsk and Moscow signed the general contract for construction of Belarusian NPP in July 2012. The construction is mainly financed at the cost of Russian state export credit. All the equipment of Belarusian NPP’s nuclear island is produced by Atomenergomash JSC.
The production cycle of the VVER-1200 reactor vessel starting from the moment of forging supply to the shipment of the finished equipment makes up 840 days. At each production stage the main priority is quality issues and safety in process of further operation. Through quality control is carried out from the moment of blank production to the shipment of the finished product. All forged blanks shall pass incoming inspection including not only visual and dimensional inspection, manufacturing documentation review, but ultrasonic testing of base metal in scope of 100%.
There are 315 check points in the quality plan, with the representatives of authorized companies directly participating in 74 operations.

Beside visual and dimensional inspection each welded joint is subjected to non-destructive testing: dye penetrant test, ultrasonic test, and all circumferential welds shall pass radiographic test. After each operation affecting the structural transformation in metal (for example, heat treatment) a number of tests are carried out to prove the conformity of mechanical properties to the requirements of regulatory documentation. All these activities within the scope of laboratory accreditation are carried out by specialists trained, qualified and permitted to work.
The NPP-2006 design (VVER-1200) is the last generation of technology for nuclear power engineering, where the solutions aimed to further NPP safety improvement have been implemented. This design takes into account all modern requirements for NPP operation reliability including those developed after the accident at Fukushima NPP in Japan.
In comparison with VVER-1000 design in VVER-1200 heat power has been increased up to 3200 МW, and unit efficiency has been increased up to 36,2%. In the nearest future VVER-1200 reactor plant will be commissioned at Novovoronezh NPP, and then at Leningrad NPP.