EU Member States’ Ambassadors to Russia Visit Petrozavodskmash

2019-09-26 11:01:00

The heads of 20 diplomatic missions of EU member states to the Russian Federation made a two-day visit to the capital city of the Republic of Karelia. As part of the plan to get an understanding of the economic potential of Karelia, the officials visited the largest machine-building enterprise in the Republic of Kareliathe Petrozavodsk branch of JSC “AEM-technology” (JSC “AEM-technology” is incorporated in Atomenergomash JSC, which is the machine-building division of Rosatom, and is a member of the regional office of the Russian Engineering Union in Karelia).

Branch Director Pavel Marchenko received the delegation. He gave a tour of the plant’s museum where the guests could acquaint themselves with the past and present of the plant. After the museum the heads of the diplomatic missions had a tour of the assembly and welding facilities where they experienced in person the scale of operations and witnessed the manufacture of large-size equipment for construction of nuclear power plants.

The guests were shown cutting-edge manufacturing equipment, such as CNC machining centers, automatic welding and cladding machines, heavy duty cranes and a plate bending machine, equipment for heat treatment and quality control. Also the ambassadors had a look at the range of equipment that is manufactured at Petrozavodskmash in conformity with the stringent rules and regulations of the nuclear industry applied to all stages of the manufacturing process — form the preparatory stages of metal cutting to the final stages of assembly and testing. The range of equipment manufactured at Petrozavodskmash includes casings of reactor coolant pumps, bodies of reactor coolant pipeline headers, pipe billets and reactor coolant pipeline spools, hydroaccumulators of passive safety systems of nuclear power plants and pressurizers.

“Our priority and the priority of the nuclear industry in general is safety. Safety of our processes and safety of the equipment that we manufacture”, Pavel Marchenko said. “We mostly manufacture equipment for foreign customers. That is why the today’s visit of the EU member states’ ambassadors can be treated as a testament to the safety of our equipment.”

It is also important to note that Atomenergomash JSC is a single-source manufacturer of the nuclear steam supply system for Hanhikivi Nuclear Power Plan (Finland). The manufacturing facilities of Atomenergomash JSC are now amidst preparations for the manufacture of the equipment for Hanhikivi NPP, and Petrozavodskmash will manufacture the reactor coolant pipeline, the casings of the main coolant pump set and other equipment of the reactor compartment.

Moreover, the European Union is working hand in glove with the Republic of Karelia within the Northern Dimension, environmental programs, cross-border cooperation programs, etc.