AEM-technology has manufactured the set of the pump casings for Belarusian NPP

2016-05-04 09:00:00

Branch of JSC AEM-technology Petrozavodskmash (part of machine building division ROSATOM, Atomenergomash) has manufactured and shipped the set of four Reactor Coolant Pump casings with the spacers. RCP casings are designed to be used in the first Unit of Belarusian NPP.
The products have successfully passed the hydraulic tests in the presence of NPP representatives after the necessary welding and machine assembling works. Hydraulic tests are the most difficult checkout operation. Hydraulic tests of the RCP casings were carried out by water heated up to 50° degrees Celsius. During the tests the products were pressurized of 250 atm within 10 minutes. After hydraulic tests the RCP casings were finally machined, passed the fit-up assembly with the spacers, painted and prepared for check by the inspection authorities.  

The acceptance commission was composed of representatives of designer JSC Central Design Bureau of Machine-Building (JSC CKBM), foreign trade engineering company JSC Atomstroyexport (JSC ASE), controlling organization JSC VPO ZarubezhAtomEnergoStroy» (JSC VPO ZAES), as well as the end customer Belarusian NPP and Department for Nuclear and Radiation Safety of the Ministry for Emergency Situation of the Republic of Belarus (Gosatomnadzor RB). Members of the commission have controlled the geometrical dimensions of the casings, focused their particular attention on the threaded surfaces, checked the marking, and went through in detail all quality plans. Following the affirmative opinion of the acceptance commission the RCP casings were transported to the Customer.

Reactor coolant pump is the first class safety product. At the Nuclear Power Plant the RCP is used to recirculate a coolant in the reactor coolant pipeline and to transfer heat away from the reactor to   the steam generators where the coolant evaporates to pressurized steam.  Then the pressurized steam drives the turbo generator. RCP casing is operates under pressure of 180 atm., at a temperature of 300 degrees. Because of the high safety class all welds of the casing are subject to several types of inspections: radiographic, ultrasonic and dye penetrant inspection. The RCP weight is 31,5 tons for a width of  3,5 m and a height of 3 m. The casing is supplied together with the suspension, so-called spacer; together with the spacer the product weight represents 48 tons.