Production System “Rosatom”

Implementation of Production System “Rosatom” (PSR) – a large-scale branch wide project destined not only to increase labor productivity up to the level of foreign competitors of Rosatom State Corporation and to cut down on production expenses, but also to raise wages and shape new rules of career growth.


The purpose of implementation of PSR is to create, based on best domestic and foreign practice, a universal methodology of management system of complex optimization of production and management processes, its approbation at the Rosatom State Corporation companies. Further PSR will be developed in the form of software solutions directed on increase in key product production efficiency and also experience replication of PSR in other industries.

Objectives of PSR

  • Spotting Rosatom key products and their competitiveness parameters.
  • Setting targets for key products.
  • Development of guidance documents on the use of tools to optimize production processes, system diagnostics, production management and labour resources.
  • Optimization of production processes.
  • Carrying out a complex diagnostic of production in regard of key products in order to bring to light reserves for production efficiency increasing.
  • Approval and launch of complex programs to improve production efficiency of divisions resulting from the diagnostics.
  • Creation of industrial infrastructure to ensure the process of production efficiency improving.

The system ensures meeting strategic objectives by means of training of personnel and through possibilities of continuous improvement and advance to increase labour productivity, improve quality, reduce costs and meet customer requirements. Implementation of the PSR aims to embed ideas of chariness and optimality in the logic of managerial decision-making at the production, and through the production – farther on in other processes and divisions of the company.
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